Building and managing Industry Clouds

Hyperscale is helping industries reorganize around cloud and shared services. We buy, package, broker and fund existing services for resale.

Shared services reduce cost, increase agility, and open up new opportunities to grow by selling cloud services. We seek partners who want to commercialize or “hyperscale” their best internal tools and functions. Hyperscale also organizes swap meets and roundtables where industry participants can come together to map out their needs and assets.

The Services Megatrend

Who do we want to talk to?

  • Innovative companies that want to seize cloud leadership, or spin out entrepreneurial projects.
  • IT managers and architects handling corporate shared services.
  • Cloud migration teams that are making decisions about how to handle each of their IT capabilities as they move to a cloud architecture. We help them sort through options to buy, build, bury (put an API on Web services), and sell (hyperscale).
  • IT managers and architects handling open source. Shared Web services are often a good way to build around open source capabilities.

What can we bring?

  • Investment
  • Connections and brokerage
  • Industry forums
  • Tech implementers to build continuously improving cloud services
  • Entrepreneurs to sell and operate cloud and SaaS services

Contact us

Email us at, or call +1.781.328.2241

Meet Us

Come and join us at our Boston Fintech Swap Meet